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About the Legal Lingua Community

As international lawyers wanting to improve their language skills, finding courses and other services online can be challenging. Many lawyers, who aren't native English speakers, are trapped in the vicious circle of poor legal English, holding them back from career progression. In addition, bad legal English leads to low confidence, making it difficult for them to progress at work.

The Legal Lingua Community brings together lawyers from across the globe, who want to perfect their legal English skills by taking courses, participating in weekly challenges, and attending workshops so that they can create a competitive edge to:

1. Confidently communicate their expertise in English;

2. Build a network of global lawyers to access exclusive connections; and

 3. Maximize their professional opportunities in the legal field.

Why You Should choose Legal Lingua

Our community provides coaching, workshops, and courses designed for international lawyers, and opportunities to practice in a safe environment so you can communicate with ease.

Learn the Legal English skills to accelerate your career, gain the confidence to work with any client and make drafting in English a breeze while networking with the world's best international lawyers.

Get immediate access to the following:

  • A community of international lawyers and Legal English instructors that give recommendations, and help solve your problems.
  •   Courses curated around specific topics for your learning and development.

  •   Mentorship and coaching where you get direct access to instructors to ask your specific questions in real-time.

  • Personal branding opportunities to grow your network and celebrate your wins.

  •  And so much more...

Who can be part of this?

Legal practitioners and leaders who want to be better lawyers by communicating clearly in Legal English.

* Remember most companies will allow you to expense your membership or count it towards your educational benefits.

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